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Meghan + Kevin Get Married

An absolutely perfect fall day for an absolutely wonderful couple! Meghan and Kevin said their I-do's under a very bright and warming sun on a hilltop with family and friends smiling and sniffling right with them. After a relaxing, and don't-start-crying-yet kind of morning, Meghan and Kevin were oh-so ready to see each other at the top of that hill. Kevin, anxious to see his bride, could barely hold it together. And as far as seeing each other for the first time moments go... this was perfection. (I couldn't help but include a series of photos of Kevin's reactions to his stunning bride.)

With plenty of space to run, jump, eat, play, talk, and soak in the sun, guests couldn't have been more pleased with the evening's events. The venue was nearly as impressive as the love that Meghan and Kevin exuded all night long. After capturing a quick sunset ad a burn-free (although not incident free) sparkler party with the wedding party, it was time to dance the night away! More tears flowed, more laughter than ever and real memories cherished.

Kevin and Meghan, I couldn't have had a better time on your wonderful wedding day! Enjoy the recap, and each other!


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