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Anna + Alejandro Get Married

After years of having their relationship bloom over skype and text, Alejandro hopped on a jet plane from Bolivia to be here with his beloved Anna. Now, they have tied the knot and finalized that no longer will there be thousands of miles between them. A love story for the books! It seemed meant to be as Anna was volunteering in Bolivia that she met her Alejandro outside of a dance class one night. And although that dance class ended up canceled, the two of them felt there might be something serendipitous about their meeting. Numbers were exchanged... and happily ever after was met.

Anna and Alejandro certainly seem to have each other matched in genuine kindness for family, friends and life. Everyone could only say over and over how wonderful both of them were. As the maid of honor put it "a power couple" and if I may add, a power couple of compassion and joy. To no surprise, seeing as how they met, their first dance was wonderfully choreographed as they spun on the dance floor and sang Leaving On a Jet Plane to one another. And to add adorable on top of adorable-- the cake topper! I was gushing over how perfect it was!

Anna and Alejandro, through miles between you for years, hurdles of making it work, and summer rain showers on your wedding day... you made it! Congratulations! Enjoy your recap of your wedding day.

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