The Depict Experience

Your wedding is all about you and your partner. Celebrating your love and choice to go through this thing called life together, is definitely something to remember. Depict will be there with you both to capture those celebratory moments for you to keep forever. 

When I turned photography into a career, weddings quickly became the most exciting events to document. Different loves, different people and places, and so many different stories to tell.

"Hands down one of the best decisions we’ve made choosing Depict Photography as our photographer ..."

Don + Shannon


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A Florida wedding with the perfect touches of modern, romantic and steamy choices (and not just the weather). 

Winter Romance

An end of January wedding in St. Paul, Minnesota. A perfect combination of lace, falling snowflakes, pine and a candlelit dinner at the Lowertown Event Center

Intimate Gathering

A smaller wedding ceremony at The Blaisdell followed by a plethora of charcuterie boards, wine, cozy atmosphere and dancing at Terzo. 


City Love

A wedding at Loring Pasta Bar. A perfectly sunny evening with the perfectly set skyline of Minneapolis.



A collection of some of my favorites images from over the years.