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Real. No pressure. Artistic, romantic... Silly and true.  

The daily practice in this business is observing the moments. Capturing the story. Connecting the emotions. Providing an ease for those around you.


Even if it is only an hour each year, I work to build a connection with whoever I am photographing so that I am able to show the progression of a shy three year old to a giggly three year old; so that even if you're certain that you are not photogenic, that your photos bring a smile to your face in the end; and that on your eleventh wedding anniversary, you'll be able to remember a chapter of your life that was so simple yet so intense with possibilities. 


The very first. Definitely set the tone for years to come.

Logo Evolution


When I thought I wanted color in my logo.. but then realized that I cannot commit to a color theme for my "brand"....


And now, I finally feel like I nailed it. Personal twist was added with my own handwriting for "Depict". Doing absolutely every in-and-out of a business is deeply gratifying and seeing 'me' in the logo feels awesome.

I wonder if my dad knew when he gave me my first camera, purple, plastic and FILM, what a big role (no pun intended) it would take in my life. The possibilities of Depict didn't happen until decades later, of course. Nonetheless, it ignited my desire to capture life's moments, even if it was just me and my friends. 

Yeah, yeah, I have the "when I was a little girl with my camera" speech... 

I also have years of studying the art and science of photography in a darkroom; layout and design practices; classically trained in a fine art photography studio; years of client services in a professional photography printing lab.

The real desires of Depict, however lay in the magic that is photography. Remembering, re-living, and sharing our time on this planet for literal generations through an image. How can that compare.


All in all, the most important experience I can list off is the decades of capturing people's lives, the thousands of images sent off sparking emotions, the ability to bring comfort and creativity, and to provide you with the preservation of your family's time together. 

That's my story...
Let me capture yours!

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