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I am just a person who loves being behind a camera capturing the unseen and the seen. The regular and not so regular. The moments that can pass us by. 

Although I didn't start imagining the possibilities of Depict until shortly after graduating college, I have always been the photographer in the group. Friends and sleepovers in junior high; adding in yearbook and newspaper editor in high school and college. Majoring in Studio Arts, I studied and practiced the art of photography... On film... In a darkroom! Formally trained in portraiture after college at a high-end studio with digital photography. I meshed those two worlds together to make Depict Photography. 

Ten years later and I couldn't be happier with the love I have for my clients and the dynamic I am able to create in this daily grind of life. My style of shooting is candid, romantic, no-pressure and artistic. At a wedding I will be a wallflower one minute and in the middle of the dance floor the next. I will be a three year old's best friend by the end of our session, and know every freckle of my clients' faces once all is said and done. 


I have two kids and a husband who keep things interesting day in and day out. When I am not corralling them, I love a good stroll through Target, being with my lifelong friends, reading in the park or bingeing an occasional series or two. I believe in ALL love, I stand for equality, and I have faith in human kindness. I plan to celebrate and capture as much of it as I can. 


Things to know... 

This year, 2020, marks ten years of Depict but I have been photographing life events since I was a kid ... now with some upgrades! 



The very first. Definitely set the tone for years to come.


When I thought I wanted color in my logo.. but then realized that I cannot commit to a color theme for my "brand"....

And now, I finally feel like I nailed it. Personal twist was added with my own handwriting for "Depict". Doing absolutely every in-and-out of a business is deeply gratifying and seeing 'me' in the logo feels awesome.