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Taking the masterpiece that is your family and turning it into a work of art.



Expected investment begins with a creation fee and extends to professionally crafted artwork, keepsakes, and curated collections.

Newborn Session


You're snuggled at home with your new babe. Connecting, healing, adjusting to this new wonder that is yours. This session will capture candid details like feedings and the ever-so-adorable baby stretches, as well as arranged photos like the tiniest baby burrito asleep in a basket. Using your home to nurture the personal touches and backdrop. To ensure low-stress, session time is two+ hours in-home.

Portrait Session


A personalized session time to capture your family's memories and milestones. Working with your family's energy and personalities to create memorable images that are true to you. Whether it is your kiddo's birthday, generational gathering, or milestone life moment... Your memories captured to be with you and yours forever. Takes place within the Twin Cities, 40-60 minutes session time.

Limited Editions


You may just need a quick update with a few final images to send to grandparents, update the photo books, or print some for your office. Typically seasonal, pre-determined date and location set by Depict, Limited Edition sessions, aka mini sessions, will be just the ticket for these needs. Location is within the Twin Cities Metro Area. Standard details include twenty minute sessions, one immediate family unit, one gift print, and numbered digital files print release. 


Make your home a vault for their memories.


Handcrafted + Professionally Made Artwork and Products

Customized products for your memories, home decor, gifts, and keepsakes. Prints begins at $50; artwork begins at $295. Samples will be provided during consult or Ordering Appointment. Digital files for social media are included with all product purchases; wall art purchase includes the same digital file with limited print release.  

Why printed artwork and products?

When you look back at your grandparents' photos, the emotion isn't brought to you through a backlit rectangle in your hand. It's in the depth of rich colors (or black and white depending on how old you are...) that speak to the times. Or even the tattered edges of a photo you find in the bottom of the box. There is magic in that


 An actual printed photograph of my grandfather and his siblings from the 1940's (or so).

Filling your home with the personality of your one year old, or the last family photo before college dorm-life begins, is creating a treasure trove of memories and heirlooms for your kids' kids then, and for you now.

Ready to book your session? Now what?

Send Depict A Message

Contact us through our online form or email You will receive a personal message from me shortly after to get things rolling. 

Gathering Intel

A questionnaire will be filled out by you to narrow down what your needs will be for the session and services. 

Session Time!

Typical portrait session will run 40-60 minutes within the Twin Cities. Most sessions take place outdoors but studio rental and public indoor locations are also an option. (It is Minnesota, afterall)

What You've Been Waiting For

An online or in-home presentation will be provided to show you your final images. You will be guided through the best products and options to have your images customized and professionally designed and printed. 

Home Delivery

Your items will be delivered to your home for the big reveal. Depending on the products, a hand delivery may be warranted. 

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