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Erica + David Get Married

Erica and David tied the knot yesterday! And as I suspected after meeting with the couple, their attention to details for an at-ease yet beautiful day, paid off. Wedding days always are a blur, especially for the couple, but these two really seemed to be able to soak it all in. Guests were fully entertained as Pinstripes offers just about everything! Great games, food and drinks, and a pretty great view too! The happy couple met while working in a bowling alley years ago so, the venue was clearly kismet!

With wonderful couples, come the wonderful people! Wedding party and guests were so happy for the newlyweds. A true support system not only for wedding day logistics, but seemingly for their new life together. After bellies were full, cake was cut and a lovely first dance; the entire guest list was asked to the dance floor so the couple could take a selfie with the couple. That selfie stick went up high up in the air and smiles plastered on everyone's faces. It couldn't have been sweeter!

Erica and David, enjoy your wedding day recap! It was awesome being there with you all.


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