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Megan + Paul Get Married

Another winter wonderland wedding complete! On this third of March, on their third anniversary this beautiful couple made it official. This was a couple who knew what they wanted from start to finish including a customized seven course meal for their guests! Also in a set of three, the couple visited each table as the course changed getting to visit and enjoy part of their cuisine with everyone! I adored this idea the second they told me! It beats a waiting line or missing anyone as each course was around twenty minutes. Full of food and drinks, everyone's laughter and enjoyment was felt in the air-- even the freezing temps where a little bit of warmth sparked around a fire pit. And although a smaller guest was had, an empty dance floor was not! These guests knew how to party right, even on a Sunday!

Megan and Paul, it was a joy being there with you all for the big day! Enjoy the wedding day recap.


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