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Mick + Andrea Get Married

First wedding of 2019, and it was awesome! And cold... Mick and Andrea made the absolute best of the extra chilly weather though and tied the knot with smiles from ear to ear! Determination and a deep love for Saint Paul (who can blame them) led us to the top of the High Bridge to get a pretty on-point view of the cityscape. Not only was the view to die for, so was the lace on Andrea's wedding gown! The new must-have combo for winter weddings: snow and lace. Seriously, if I could do my own wedding over... ;)

Surrounded by gold accents, the smell of pine and warming smiles, the couple hosted their guests perfectly. Nestled in the warmth of the venue, food and love, you were a million miles away from the subzero temps celebrating this couple.

Mick and Andrea, I couldn't be happier for you both! Enjoy the (many) images for your recap of your wonderful wedding day.


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