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{Wedding Day} Kelley + Ben

What an amazing end to September! Kelley and Ben, smiles from ear to ear, are married after a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends, family, sunshine and sheep. ;) Not only was weather basically perfect, but this couple was near perfection as well. Nothing but laughter and genuine kindness. Kelley and Ben's personalities certainly have attracted those similar... Their wedding party was awesome! Friendly, helpful and so happy for the couple. This wedding day was a wonderful mix of nerves, love, laughter and joy for all.

Unique venues, gorgeous rich colors and a wonderfully cohesive decor scheme put the finishing touches on this lovely wedding day. Faces were happy, hearts were full and tummies were stuffed! Which was needed because the dance floor was hopping! Kelley and Ben, congratulations again! It was a beautiful day! Enjoy your photo recap.

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