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{Wedding Day} Marci + Jeff

And we're back! After five weekends without a wedding, today marked the beginning of six weeks (at least) of go-go-go! And it couldn't have been a better start.

Marci and Jeff tied the knot and yelled (literally) how much they were in love and proclaimed "we're married" as they glowed together after their ceremony. Emotions upon emotions for everyone: mom and bride getting dressed; dad and bride seeing one another all dressed up; and then the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time during their reveal. And it didn't end there. Tears of joy shed on that dance floor as well! I joked with them that I hadn't been to such a happy-weepy wedding since my own. Such a sweet group!

The newlyweds didn't shy away from any details. Every table, corner and even the bathroom, had personal touches executed with beautiful theme. A day filled with firsts for me as well including an actual pig roast, and cutting into that pig roast as a couple, photographing four generations of wedding rings and a bald eagle siting! (Totally unrelated to our couple but we saw it just before dinner.)

I digress on this beautiful day! To my happy couple - congratulations! Thank you for being one of the kindest people, ever. Enjoy the recap of your wonderful wedding day!