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Wedding Day//Laramie+Chris

A swooping romance. A Beauty and her prince. A lucky man. A Goofy connection. A fine scotch and a good book. A perfect date.

Laramie and Chris were married today with a love so sweet and genuine, that it would make anyone a little google-y eyed just watching them. The above notes were the beginning of my bullet points for the blog but I sort of loved them as their own collection depicting today's happy couple. These two have such ease and comfort with one another that simply walking hand in hand having a conversation together seems to spark fireworks. I knew today would be pretty magical.

Ready to get gussied up for her big day, Laramie and the women in her life all came together for the morning festivities. Pearls laid out and dress hung, it was all set up to create a bride. After slipping into her gown from Carrie Johnson Bridal, Laramie had the sweetest moments with both of her parents seeing her as a bride for the first time. Tears welled, hugs and sentiment shared... and then it was danced away with a mini groove session! It was time to head out to see her groom, and Laramie was ready!

The weather has been oddly warm for Minnesota in November and just like any bride and groom, they wanted their day free of rain! And just like that, a mid-November Saturday in Minneapolis was filled with sunshine and just a chill in the wind. (Thanks global warming!) Drenched in light, Chris awaited his bride as she made her way to the top of the spiral hill at Gold Medal Park. It was lovely. This is where those fireworks begin to happen! Wiping tears and sharing kisses, these two had their love bubble before beginning their adventure to betrothal.

A few wedding party photos later, and a tasty trip to Izzy's Ice Cream, everyone headed to Gallery 13 for the ceremony and reception. Just as planned, the ceremony was sweet and thoughtful. Laramie's brother officiated the nuptials and her stepfather headed a 'warming of the rings.' This was a first for me and I LOVE it. The rings were passed around in a wood box that Chris carved for Laramie when he proposed (hello, romance) to their guests. Guests were asked to silently wish or bless or pray for the bride and groom as they held the ring box, warming them with love by the time they reached the bride and groom. And nothing like your own personal vows to strike up a good cry. Chris was able to hold it together a little bit longer than his bride, but no one was safe in the end. I just about lost it myself when Chris stated that 'my life begins and ends with those three words, I love you.'

Laramie and Chris really focused on the personal touches for their wedding day. From the centerpieces using Chris' own collection of scotch bottles to Laramie's handkerchief that was her great grandmothers. Even her garter was made from her mother's wedding dress, sewn by her grandmother. So amazing. Laramie even wore her late grandmother's ring, holding a special place for her on her wedding day. To top off the sweetness? All of Laramie's relatives wrote her love letters to read on her wedding morning and placed in a beautiful envelope for her to keep. Incredibly thoughtful stuff here folks..

Emily from Juniper Lane was running the day with perfection. Facilitating time line, set up, coordinating with vendors... She was kicking ass! The evening was going off without a hitch. Zack from Bellagala keyed up the music for dinner and was extra attentive and helpful (pretty sure I saw him helping set up chairs for dinner!) Taunting everyone, cupcakes from Copper Hen were displayed on vintage china and stands at the end of the buffet table. After filling up their plates with barbecue from QFanatic, guests most definitely indulged in the sugary goodness. Touches of color were added with wild blooms and bouquets from Julie's House of Flowers.

Laramie's parents both spoke to the happy couple toasting them on their big day. Stories and laughs (and yes, tears) were shared with everyone. Toasts ended the dinner portion of the evening and everyone was ready to party! I told my second shooter that this felt like a pretty sassy group and I had a feeling that everyone would be dancing... I love it when I'm right! Moms, dads, uncles, kids, aunts.. everyone was dancing and it was amazing! Laramie has a love for organized dances to the point of requesting that her guests learn a couple before the big day. From the electric slide to the cha-cha and even a big group of Hustlers! You could tell everyone was excited to shake it!

As always, the blog has gotten away from me as I knew it would after today's wonderful day. Laramie and Chris, congratulations and thank you for having me! It was the perfect way to end the season! Enjoy the recap of your wedding day!

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