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Wedding Day//Alisha+Mike

Alisha and Mike made it official today! They tied the knot and are now rocking their new husband and wife status. Celebrating their new family with Mike's son Miles made it all the more special! Everything went just right today, too! Weather, location, timeline, toasts, food... everything was perfect. Of course, the little things like hitting the ceiling from the bouquet toss and the fire alarm going off (pesky tiny human guests ;)) made it all the more perfect for being imperfect. Either way it went, Alisha and Mike were happy. And smiling. And in love.

Rush Creek Golf Club is simply stunning! So well thought out and beautiful textures and architectural touches. We arrived in time for Alisha to slip into her Justin Alexander gown and watch her just glow as she became "bride" for the day. Mike was the perfect accent in a sharp blue three piece suit and plaid tie. KMB Floral nailed it (again) with her gorgeously composed bouquets with bright pinks and whites. Mike patiently waited for his bride, bouquet in hand, for their sweet first look. Soaking in their moment, wiping a few tears, and stealing a few kisses; this couple was ready to get married.

Sunlight shone down on the evening ceremony adding just enough sparkle to the course's pond and scenic backdrop. If possible, the couple had even bigger smiles as they processed down the aisle after sealing the deal with a kiss and cheers! Guests were led into the reception space, still beautifully sunlit, enjoying drinks and laughter and conversation. Tables were elegantly styled with cupcakes from Nadia's Cakes as the centerpieces surrounded by pink rose petals. Emcee Adam Welz with Prime Time DJ led the couple and their guests through their evening. Wonderfully sweet toasts were given by the matron of honor, a lifelong friend and the two best men, Mike's son and twin brother. You really can't get much better than having those who are closest to you stand up and tell you they love you and feel lucky to be part of your life.

After stealing the last bit of sunlight for a few more portraits, Alisha and Mike floated on the dance floor together relishing in their perfect day. They were soon joined by the wedding party and guests to dance the night away.

Alisha and Mike, congratulations and I hope you will enjoy this recap of your perfect day!

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