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Wedding Day//Scott+Dana

Every wedding has the sweetest couple or the best day ever or the greatest love story. And all hold true. Today was really something special. Dana and Scott were certainly the sweetest couple, with the best day ever and the greatest love story. But on top of all that, they simply exuded love and gratitude and passion! When I met Dana a few months ago she was just glowing when she spoke about her and Scott and their journey towards this day. Finding love again was the biggest, and most rewarding, surprise for each of them. The two of them are quite possibly the most genuine people I have ever met. And boy-oh-boy are they in love!

Shaking with excitement, Dana and Scott had their first look on the bridge where Scott proposed at River Falls' Glen Park. Such a pretty location! With the river trickling in the background and the sun poking through the trees, it was full of romance and love. Or perhaps that was just the happy couple grinning from ear to ear not able to keep their hands off of each other! Heading over to Hudson where the river water was high, we had some time with Scott's (and now Dana's) daughter for some intimate family time. We took full advantage of water being high and snagged some awesome reflection shots. (And by We, I mean my amazing assistant!)

Their wedding day vision was simple; intimate; and full of love. Taking place in their gorgeous backyard surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Even their wedding party consisted of both of their mothers, oldest friend and their sweet daughter. Still grinning from ear to ear, and shaking with happiness, these two people became husband and wife as family surrounded them. Just looking at these two today had me tear up a few times, so when they read their personally written vows to one another it was no surprise that I teared up again. Goosebumps even. Dana told Scott in her vows, among other lovely stories, that after their skydiving "free fall" trip he had given her the biggest hug when they reached the ground that made her feel like he had put her back together again... I was covered in goosebumps and blotting tears away. Simply the sweetest.

Dana floated amongst their guests and gorgeous backyard in a beautiful gown from Bella Bridal Boutique that was made to fit perfectly through Custom Sewing by Heather. Touches of rich reds added with bouquets and boutonnieres from M Flower Studios. Casual and cool, both Scott and Dana were barefoot or in flip flops adding the perfect contrast to their formal wear and also tying in their quaint setting. Decor, hair and makeup as well as ceremony music, were provided by friends of the couple-- how lucky! Their two tiered wedding cake from Keys Cafe and Bakery was simplistic and beautiful. In addition, their cake topper was an excellent plastic representation of these two lovebirds! River Valley Catering provided a lovely display of hearty foods for dinner and help the newlyweds and their guests finish their evening.

Scott and Dana, it was truly a special day and I am so happy to have been there to capture your greatest love story on your best day ever. Enjoy this recap!

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